Interactive Feeders

Does your pet inhale his or her food and then immediately ask for more? Or could they use some weight loss? We recommend trying one of these interactive feeding bowls to help slow your fast eater and help them give their stomach a chance to feel full. These bowls can be literal life savers for dogs predisposed to bloating such as Great Danes and they can also be very beneficial for your bored pets as well, because they require them to problem solve. Working for your food isn't a bad thing!


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These come in many different, designs, sizes and colors.


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This feeder is exactly what Dr. Ally needed to slow down her ravenous kitty, Forrest. It slows Forrest down enough that all of her cats are able to eat their fill in peace without him nosing in to their meals. 


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These tubes are specially designed for cats.


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These are a good option for single cat households and can be hidden around the house to encourage more realistic hunting behavior. This can in turn help to reduce stress-induced behaviors like urinary accidents, furniture destruction and coat barbering. 


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A more intense puzzle for cats and small dogs.


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These bowls are aimed more towards medium and large breed dogs or for slowing down any pet who eats canned food. The metal is also a plus for critters with plastic sensitivities.