Exotic Animal Medicine


Our doctors are always excited to see something a little different. Pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, hedgehogs), ferrets and rabbits are welcome. We also offer routine rabbit spays and neuters as well as most other surgeries that we would otherwise perform on cats and dogs. Dr. Ally also has a special interest in reptile and aquatic animal medicine and would be more than happy to meet your cold-blooded family members. Remember, they live just as long, or longer, than cats and dogs and should be seen by a veterinarian yearly as well! 


Aquatic Animal Medicine

That's right, we see fish. We can make many recommendations about caring for your aquatic friends ranging from tank size, compatible tank mates, and diet, to addressing and treating medical issues. Fish are easiest to evaluate and treat in their home environment. In the future, we hope to be able to schedule house calls for our aquatic friends, but until then, we recommend either bringing the fish to the hospital in an appropriate, water-safe, container or take video/pictures of the fish and sending them to us by email.