Wellness Exams & Preventative Medicine

Otherwise known as an "annual" exam, yearly exams are very important for protecting your furry family member's wellness and longevity. The goal of these exams is to catch diseases or problems early, to screen serious disease including lyme and heartworm disease, to discuss diet, flea & tick preventatives, and to vaccinate your pet against serious preventable diseases. Vaccines are, of course, a core part of keeping your pet safe and healthy, and we build our vaccine protocols around you and your family's needs and risks. 

Diagnostic Exams

Is your pet itchy, vomiting, or just not right? We have a wide range of cutting edge diagnostic capabilities at Townsend Veterinary Hospital, which allows us to get an in-depth picture of your pet. Our extensive in-house laboratory allows us to perform a wide range of blood, urine and cytology tests in a short amount of time. We are also equipped with top of the line digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound (for abdominal and heart examination), which can be performed, if needed, during your exam. Dental radiography, endoscopy, and tonometry are also available as needed. 


Soft Tissue Surgeries

We offer a full range of soft tissue surgeries from routine spay and neuter to emergency splenectomies. Other surgeries include but are not limited to; tumor removals, eyelid surgeries, cryosurgery, amputation, foreign body removal, exploratory surgery, cryptorchid surgery, and hernia repair. We also offer some surgeries, like mass removals, using local anesthetic, which avoids the risk of full anesthesia. Call to learn more about local anesthetic surgeries. 




Orthopedic & Referral Surgeries

Our Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Jim Easley, takes a special interest in orthopedic surgeries such as fracture repairs and TPLOs but also offers a full range of specialist procedures including but not limited to; cranial cruciate repair, OFA certification, hip dysplasia surgery, elbow dysplasia surgery, intervertebral disk disease surgery, brachycephalic airway surgery, laryngeal paralysis surgery, and a number of eye, ear and urinary tract surgeries. Read more about our referral services.


Comprehensive Dental Cleanings and Surgeries

By the age of three, most pets have evidence of periodontal disease. Since cats and dogs are very stoic, owners often don't notice any signs of dental disease besides bad breath. Aside from causing tooth loss and pain, periodontal disease also leads to heart, kidney and liver damage. While daily tooth brushing is the gold standard for keeping your pet's teeth clean, many pets require periodic professional scaling and polishing under anesthesia, followed by daily brushing at home, to maintain their oral hygiene. We are excited to offer low cost dental cleanings for pets under the age of 8. Call for more information about our low cost dentals. 

While our goal is to prevent tooth loss by providing routine dental cleanings for our patients, many animals will require dental extractions at some point in their life. We are proud to offer a full dental suite including state of the art dental radiographs (X-ray), much like you would experience at your own dentist. Dental radiographs allow us to extract teeth more efficiently, which helps reduce anesthesia time. 


Exotic Animal Medicine

We regularly treat pocket pets (hamsters, gerbils, rats, chinchillas, hedgehogs, mice) and rabbits. Dr. Ally is also happy to contribute her medical experience with most reptiles, amphibians and even fish. We do offer routine rabbit spay and neuter. With the exception of chickens, we don't currently treat birds. 


Cryosurgery works by freezing and thereby killing the targeted tissue. While it does at minimum require local anesthetic, it can often be performed without the need for general anesthesia for most small masses. It is also useful for removing extra eyelashes that can harm the eye. Schedule a presurgical exam today!